Why Would You Require a Substitute Dentist?

An unfortunate illness, disability, family emergency or maternity leave may require you to take time away from your office.   This, an extremely stressful situation for you, your family, and your dental team.  Or, perhaps you would like to plan that dream ‘vacation of a lifetime’!  Your dental practice must be maintained.  Concerns for include overhead expenses, keeping your team employed as normal, and most importantly continuing dental therapy for your patient base.  A locum tenens dentist is your answer.  Merriman-Webster defines locum tenens as “one filling an office for a time or temporarily taking the place of another”.

Dr. Walter F. Zoller has provided substitute dental, locum tenens services throughout the state of Florida since 2012. Your dental practice deserves a substitute dentist who takes this responsibility seriously.  Locum Tenens dentistry is Dr. Zoller’s occupation, not his hobby.  He is a dentist that is conscientious, ethical and cares about the quality of dental services rendered.

With over 38 years of experience, Dr. Zoller will provide the necessary dental services for you.  You will incur no ‘agency fee‘, no ‘middle man‘.  Dr. Zoller is not a dentist to stay on-site as a ‘caretaker’ for your dental practice. His goal is to assist your dental practice to produce the capital that will maintain overhead expenses, and beyond, during your brief absence.  You may rest assured while away, your dental team be pleased to continue their employment as normal. Most importantly, your loyal patients will continue being serviced with compassion and the continuity of care they expect.

We want your dental practice to prosper during your time of need.

         Locum Tenens * Substitute Dentist Services

  • Unexpected Illness Dental Coverage
  • Disability Locum Tenens Dental Coverage
  • Maternity Leave, Short to Long Term Substitute Dentist Services
  • Surgical Rehabilitation Locum Tenens Dentist Services
  • Fill-In Substitute Dentist during Associate Search