Questions concerning our Substitute Dentistry Services

How Much Does it Cost?

Compensation is calculated at 30% (thirty) of the daily doctor production; with a guarantee ‘base’ minimum of $600 per day.  Any ‘partial‘ day (three and one-half hours or less), ‘base’ compensation is 65% or three hundred ninety ($390) dollars.  Substitute dentistry income includes Doctor hygiene examinations.

Any Minimum/Maximum Number of Days Required?

No minimum number of days are required.  Single day ‘bookings’ are accepted for ‘local’ assignments, where overnight hotel stays are not required.  A single day is necessary to be ‘booked’ on a Monday or Friday.  More than one day/week is to be scheduled consecutively during that week.  Maximum number of days are considered on a case by case basis.

Any Mileage or Lodging Fees?

Mileage compensation is calculated per the current IRS mileage allowance for assignments greater than a round trip distance of thirty miles from Dr. Zoller’s Titusville ‘base’.   Toll road fees would be added as necessary.  Lodging is pre-determined on a case basis, to be discussed for any one-way travel distance greater than one hour.

Compensation Type and Deadline?

Compensation for our substitute dentistry is defined via a schedule per our signed agreement.  Payment is not to occur later than bi-weekly and/or the second business day following termination of services rendered. Distribution is as an independent contractor.  No taxes are necessary to be withheld.

Malpractice Insurance?

Dr. Zoller shall maintain professional liability insurance for the performance of dental services for your practice, with limits of not less than one million ($1,000,000) per incident.  You will receive written documentation of such coverage upon completion of the employment agreement.

Locum Tenens * Substitute Dentist Services

  • Unexpected Illness Dental Coverage
  • Disability Locum Tenens Dental Coverage
  • Maternity Leave, Short to Long Term Substitute Dentist Services
  • Surgical Rehabilitation Locum Tenens Dentist Services
  • Fill-In Substitute Dentist during Associate Search